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New double-door freezer

We’ve replaced the double door freezer in the shop. You may not realise because it’s just a newer version of the old one and contains all the same products. But if you look closely you’ll it matches the single door freezer, creating a three-door run. The previous one dated from only a few months after

From 24 July: Don’t forget your face covering

From Friday 24 July customers entering the shop must, by law, wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth (e.g. as a mask, scarf or visor). The requirement does not apply to children under 11. Only those who have a ‘reasonable excuse’ are exempt. Exemptions include: unable to put on or wear a

For safe shopping: it’s green to enter, red to wait

Social distancing means we can only allow two customers at a time in our small shop. Instead of people outside supervising the queue, from today we’ve got a new ‘traffic light’ system to let people know whether they can come straight in or need to wait until another customer comes out. If the light on

£50 notes no longer accepted

The shop is no longer prepared to accept any £50 notes.  We regret having to do this, but we unwittingly accepted another counterfeit £50 note recently and aren’t prepared to suffer any more losses in this way.  Note that Guidance from the Bank of England is that shop owners can choose what form of payment