For safe shopping: it’s green to enter, red to wait

Social distancing means we can only allow two customers at a time in our small shop. Instead of people outside supervising the queue, from today we’ve got a new ‘traffic light’ system to let people know whether they can come straight in or need to wait until another customer comes out.

  • If the light on the door is flashing red, please wait outside keeping 2m away from others.
  • If the light on the door is showing green, it’s safe for you to come in and shop.

Our valued team of ‘door marshals’, who’ve been working ever since lockdown started, will be standing down soon. The shop is very grateful to all of them and the organisers from SERV (Serving Everyone in Radley) for their help − over the weeks and in all weathers – in allowing us to make the shop safe for our customers. 

The new traffic light system is operated from the counter. So please be patient while our staff get used to having to press the button to change the light to red to green and vice-versa as customers come and go.

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