Management committee and other key people

Radley Village Shop Association is led by a management committee whose members are elected at the AGM each May. As well as the volunteers who serve in the shop and behind the scenes, many other people in Radley help or have helped with the shop project. Particularly thanks go to Margaret Lovell who did so much to get the shop up and running. And especially to Graham Steinsberg, our first chairman, whose inspiration and energy contributed so much to setting up Radley Village Shop and leading the business until it was successfully operational.

Chairman Andrew Walker
Secretary Joyce Huddleston
Treasurer Lynda Crowley

Committee members
Sally Mulholland
Julie O’Hare
Christine O’Sullivan
Jenny Stead
Sue Ward 
Carol Webster

Other key people

Rota manager Christine O’Sullivan
Data entry (financial) Sue Ward  
Financial advisor Graham Steinsberg  
Auditors Wenn Townsend, Oxford  
Maintenance co-ordinator Bob Earl  
Newspapers admin Sheree Beckingham  
Webmasters John & Joyce Huddleston