Management committee changes

The AGM of The Radley Village Shop Association Limited on 1 June 2022 marked the end of an era with the retirement of Bob and Pat Earl from the Management Committee. Both have been volunteers since the shop opened in 2007. Pat joined the committee in January 2009, becoming part of the operations team. Bob joined two years later in June 2011 when he was immediately elected as chairman. The committee will miss them both, but they plan to continue as volunteers serving in the shop and, in Bob’s case, as maintenance manager.

Over the years they were on the committee Bob and Pat have played a major part in ensuring the shop’s continuing success. They have both given much time to the shop, putting in many hours on top of their regular shifts and doing extra ones to fill gaps in the rota. The period of Bob’s time as chairman included the installation of expanded chiller provision in 2013, the paying off the mortgage on the lease on the premises to own it outright on behalf of the community in 2017 and leading the shop through the Covid pandemic over the past two years. Pat has devoted many hours to entering stock on the stock management system on the shop’s computer, checking price margins, coming up with imaginative displays of seasonal products and a myriad of other jobs.

In their place, Sally Mulholland and Carol Webster joined the committee at the AGM. The new committee elected Andrew Walker as chairman to take over from Bob. The other committee members are Lynda Crowley, Joyce Huddleston, Sally Mulholland, Christine O’Sullivan, Dian Slay, Sue Ward and Iain Winton.